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DHA Multan is the safest part of Multan city where you can live a modern life. In this town, you can enjoy all the advanced standards of life without any threat. Because of its gates that ensure the safety of the community to the people of this town. Ali and Co. is the best choice to make a better deal with DHA Multan city. Our firm is operating inside the legal boundaries just according to the laws of Pakistan regarding property sale and purchase.

Our team of experts has been working sincerely since 2013 in Multan city. We provide the best deals just according to the financial and other requirements of clients. Ali and Co. is a platform from where you can get the best land for your agriculture, commercial and any other type of business. We follow the requirements of clients and then suggest to them the location of land just according to them.

Do the people ask why they should invest in DHA Multan over other residential colonies? There are many reasons behind the answer to this question. First of all, the projects started by DHA are the safest housing schemes in the entire country. The reason behind this is its security system that is designed and organized by retired Army officials of Pakistan Army. Also, the time factor is taken very seriously by the organizers. It means they fulfill their promises that they have done with clients before the dealing of land.

In this way, there is a very minor chance to become a depressed person with this deal. All the infrastructure of these projects is designed before the selling of plots. That is why we recommend DHA Multan without any fear and to reduce the risks that will come in the future. After Lahore city that has become the most populated city of Punjab, Multan is one of the best places to make a business popular in a very rapid way. It is also called the Heart of South Punjab due to its growing market. So, there is no chance to say No to investment in DHA Multan after such useful features that are offered by the organizers.


Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing nations in the entire world. People of Pakistan are changing their lifestyles from lower class to middle and upper-middle class. The reason behind this is the improvement in the economy of the country. The real estate investors are investing money without any fear now a day. The villagers are also moving to cities to improve their lifestyles. That is why the urbanization rate in Pakistan is on the peak value of the last 70 years.

The congested cities are getting more congested due to this huge rate. All the cities are expanding their boundaries and beyond the original one. That is why the number of gated communities is also increasing in these cities. This is a good sign to make the communities more disciplined. In these towns, all the requirements are providing to the people even the best facilities are given to them.

In the same way, Multan city is also increasing the number of these colonies at a very large rate. But DHA Multan is the best of all these communities. It is the mother of all these colonies and is the best place to invest both money and time. Ali and Co. have made their motto to provide the best option to those who want a home in DHA Multan or the land for other purposes like for industry, farmhouse etc.

Our main focus is to retain the distinct face that we have made since 2013 through our hard work. Our firm is the most rapidly growing in the history of real estate agencies. The reason behind this is our fair dealings with our clients and our best services. Also, we are looking to make our firm more famous and dominating the entire real estate world by our sincere working.

According to our motto, “Quality, Reliability and Trust” of our clients are the things of supreme values. We recommend the quality of work instead of the number of clients and money. It is the basic ambition of Ali and Co. to provide the best services to our clients. Moreover, our experience of working with the Defense Housing Scheme makes the clients to contact us without any fear. We provide quality work in DHA Multan to our clients.


DHA Multan
DHA Multan
DHA Multan
DHA Multan
DHA Multan
DHA Multan

Why Invest in DHA Multan?

DHA is organized by the retired army officials that make it more reliable for the clients. All the facilities are up to the international standards of the communities. The schools, colleges, parks, zoos even all facilities provide in this town are the best of all. In short, this is the best place for families to enjoy the memorable moments of life.

Moreover, all these basic needs are very cheaper to other communities of Multan. Also, DHA projects of the country have the best sports complex in the entire country. In short, DHA Multan is the perfect housing scheme regarding safety, facilities and modernization. So there is no chance to refuse to invest in DHA Multan if you want to secure your future.

Buying a Plot in DHA Multan

After the selection of the plot through our salesman, you should have to pay 20,000 as a token. After this payment, fill the forms and attach the necessary documents mentioned on the form. In 5 to 7 working days, the issuance letter of your name will be issued that ensures you that you are the owner of the plot. The intimation letter and allocation letter collectively has a fee of 79,170 that you will have to pay.

For any query, you can contact any of our staff members in the working hours. All the guidance will give to you without any extra charges that mean all of these are free of cost. Also, Ali and Co. provide the free pick and drop to our clients during this process of registration. For the clients who live out of town, our firm provides the free night stay at well-known places of Multan.

Our trained staff will give you the best answers to your questions according to their knowledge. You can contact them on their mobile numbers in the working hours. Also, you can contact via the email address of the owner Muhammad Ali that is given in the contact details.



DHA Multan Plots For sale

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