5 Marla Plots For Sale In DHA Multan – DHA Multan

5 Marla Plots For Sale In DHA Multan

DHA is one of the most luxurious housing colonies in the country. It has completed projects in big and famous cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, and Quetta. Now, the organizers are offering a project of DHA in Multan. There are numerous 5 Marlo plots for sale in DHA Multan.

It is a gated community that ensures the residentials a sense of security and comfortability. People feel safe in the most advanced security system of the colony for the safeguard of their rights and wealth. Also, it is preferred by the people more because this colony is organized by the retired generals of the Pakistan Army. This is another important thing behind the success of the security system of the colony.

How To Purchase A File In DHA Multan?

Many people think about the procedure of buying a file or plot in DHA and imagine it hard. They find this process difficult and long term due to which they adopt various inappropriate steps to solve this issue. Ali and Co is a real estate agency of Multan.

Since 2013, our team is serving the people of the city nicely with our work. That is why; our agency is considered one of the best agencies in the city. Now, we are going to guide you about the simple and easy process that you can adopt to buy a file in DHA Multan.

First of all, you will have to select the location of the plot you want to buy. For this purpose, you can consult our agent who will guide you about the location according to your interest. We will suggest you the best land just according to your concern. This will reduce your effort and time in the selection of the property.

After the selection of the file, our salesman will set a deal between you and the owner of the land. At that point, two different paths are available from which you will have to choose one. One of which is when you are purchasing the file directly from the investors.

In this procedure, you will have to make a deal through our representatives with the organizers or their frontmen. After that, you will have to pay Rs.200,000 as a token for the confirmation of the deal. When you have paid this amount, you will have to submit your CNIC, Photograph with blue background and Name and address of the buyer in English.

All the above documents are required by the authorities for the issuance of the intimation letter. This will confirm that your dealing is going in the right way. After this letter, the allocation letter will be issued that confirms that you are the owner of the property from now.

The issuance of the allocation letter might take 5 to 7 working days. To get this letter, the buyer will have to clear all the payments along with Rs. 10,000 for intimation letter and Rs. 69,160 for allocation letter.

File Transfer Procedure

This is the second procedure to get 5 Marla plot in DHA Multan in which you purchase it from the person individually. By purchasing a plot from such a person, you will get a transfer file from the authorities of the DHA.

For this, the buyer and seller both will have to pay a transfer fee to issue this letter. Also, both parties will have to submit some documents. For instance, the seller will give the original copy of the intimation and allocation letter to the authorities of DHA. In the same way, the buyer will give CNIC and other documents of the concern to them to transfer a file.

Before the exchanging of the transfer file, the buyer would have to clear all the payments in front of the authorities. This is done to avoid any problem in the future regarding deal or property.

By following the above procedure, you can buy 5 Marla plot in DHA Multan easily and effectively. This will give you the right and legal way to make your future bright. Ali and Co is the best choice to make dealing with DHA Multan specifically or with other housing colonies of the city.

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