Buying A Used House Checklist – Buying a House Checklist

Buying A Used House Checklist

Many people want to buy a used house in DHA Multan due to its location and multiple features. Because this housing colony is the most advanced colony of the city, so people want to live there. Due to its most secured security system and other facilities, everyone is preferring this colony.

There are various steps you will have to follow to buy a used house in DHA Multan. First of all, you will have to see the used house for sale checklist from the DHA office. After the selection of the house, if you feel comfortable in buying it, you will have to follow the further process through authorized agents of DHA.

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Ali and Co. is one of the best companies for dealing with DHA Multan for either new houses or used one. Our method of dealing with clients is appropriate and professional. All the agents are well-experienced and have all the knowledge about the terms and conditions of the colony.

While buying a house, you can contact our agent without any hesitation and fear. We will provide you a comfortable environment throughout dealing with the organizers. When you have selected the used house, then you will have to contact us for the right and easy process.

Your dealings with the seller will be done in our office in front of our agents. When the deal has been set between both parties, they will apply for further processing in DHA main office. Before getting any document, the buyer will have to pay Rs. 200,000 as a token to the seller.

Then both the parties will have to submit their National identity cards along with some other documents. Also, they would have to pay a transfer fee to the DHA office for changing ownership of the house. Furthermore, for the issuance of Allocation and Intimation letters, they will have to pay some amount.

The issuance of the intimation letter will be done in 3 to 5 working days. Its issuance confirms that your dealings are going in the right way without any problem. While Allocation letter will be issued in 8 to 10 working days or maybe more in some cases.

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When all the documentations have done then the remaining amount and all the dealings will be done in the DHA office to keep it fair. In this way, you can buy a used house in DHA through our company in an easy and fine manner.

Our company will be appropriate for this dealing and we will provide you a fine platform for this. Our company will give you all the basic facilities more than any other estate agency. We offer quality work because we prefer the satisfaction of our clients more than anything else. So, you can make your future dealings successful through our platform.

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