DHA Multan Files Prices Update

DHA Multan Files Prices Update

DHA Multan is one of the best locations in the city where everyone wants to buy a house and plots. To purchase or sell a house in DHA Multan, you can contact Ali and Co. for the best outcomes. The main procedure of the dealing is the file transfer of the property.

How To Purchase A File

Clients feel hesitant in the transfer of fie because this is a complex procedure. With the help of our organization, this procedure has become quite simple and easy. The person would have to follow some steps in this regard to complete the property dealing.

First of all, to purchase a file (land), the buyer would have to contact our sales representative. He would have to get details about the price and other qualities of the land. When the price of the property has been finalized then the customer would have to pay Rs. 200,000 as token and for further processing.

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For the initial procedure,some documents are required from the buyers. These documents include a copy of CNIC, passport size pictures of the customer and full name and address. These documents help in the issuance of an intimation letter.

This process may take 5 to 7 days for completion without any hurdle. The photocopy of the letter will be sent to the buyer for record and satisfaction. For the issuance of this letter and an Allocation letter, the buyer would have to pay Rs. 79,160. To collect the Allocation letter, the buyer should have to come to DHA Multan because without physical appearance the letter would not be awarded to anyone.

Transfer Procedure DHA Multan

The very first step in this regard is the verification of the property that is completed in 24hours maximum. For further processing, the seller would have to present an allocation letter, transfer letter and CNIC along with the CNIC of the buyer. Moreover, the CNIC of property dealers is also needed if any.

After the submission of the verification fee and form along with the above documents, the further processing start. In the first step, the owner has to clear all dues because there is no need for Demand notice in the dealing.

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The above-mentioned documents are necessary for every dealing in DHA Multan. With the changing in conditions like foreign transfer, the legal heir(s) and others like this, some other documents are required. Some other charges may also have to pay by the sellers for the dealing of property.

Ali and Co. is the best choice for dealing with DHA Multan. With the help of our experts, the dealing process becomes very easy and clients feel comfortable during the whole process. Our rates are also very less as compared to others. Many facilities that no organization provides, our firm provides all of such facilities to our clients.

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