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DHA Multan Plots

DHA Multan Plot Sale

If you are seeking an opportunity to invest the best in future, DHA Multan Plots are the most sensible option for your venture. Here’s how? By far, it is the first of its kind when it comes to the planned structure on such a large scale, and yes, it’s 200 percent legitimate under the most respectable DHA brand. DHA Multan plots are now up for sale. Applicants can obtain the forms from the designated locations as well as from official DHA website. Those who will be successful in DHA Multan Ballot can proceed to fill in the necessary documents to obtain the DHA Multan Plots after payment of down payment, membership fee, and miscellaneous expenses. DHA Multan will soon be ground zero for investors and middle-class community for its excellent life style and easy installment plan. With a success ratio so high, DHA Multan Plots are already booming; the land prices are gradually increasing. If you are still unsure about the investments, book your property before it’s too late or too expensive for your pocket.

DHA Multan Plots

Why DHA Multan?

Here’s why DHA Multan is the best investment opportunity. Firstly, it is a safe venture as it is sponsored by the most disciplined and respectable institution of Pakistan i.e. the armed forces. DHA Multan Plots are distributed with the same land distribution plan as of DHA Lahore and DHA Karachi. There are residential and commercial blocks, the state of the art Project Management and Planning firm ProMag is working with DHA. The Roads and industrial infrastructure are laid as per international standards; all the main roads are signal free with a margin for future expansion and a green belt on both sides of the road.

Facilities at DHA Multan

The most important one, the electricity is provided 24/7 with pole free zone structure. All the cable related communication i.e. electricity, Cable TV services, telephone are underground, and it looks beautiful without poles and wires in DHA Multan Plots.

Sewerage System is state of the art, for the first time there is a separate sewerage system for the community. DHA Multan will operate its system and lines to drain the sewerage system.

The Complimentary DHA Golf and Country Club with 18 holes are included in the project with up-to-date facilities. For kids and adults alike, there are manifold locations allotted for the family and amusement parks for a perfect family day out. There’s everything for the residents from shops to fun fares and exhibitions. Theme parks and swimming pools are part of the project to fill in the void.

The security system is flawless; there is a fully operating surveillance system, a walled community and excellent and competent security staff under the supervision of retired military officers to make it fantastic. There is a response force for citizens to cope with any unpleasant situation inside the city. There are hockey, football, and cricket stadiums with enough capacity to motivate the youngsters for a healthy future and to reduce daily life stress. There is also an ultra-modern gym facility for the residents. Houses are safe, Buy a file for plot and make your on house. We are property dealer here in Multan will guide you about the property and give you best advice. It depend upon you which type of plot you need there is a cutting of 5, 10 Marla even also Kanals.