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What is Ali & Co working hours? 2017-06-03T11:56:40+00:00

Monday to Saturday) Public dealing 09:30am to 5:30pm

How to reserve a file? 2017-06-03T11:56:05+00:00

Send 150,000/- as a token money online in Major Anwar Shahzad’s account. Send scanned receipt copy at info@aliandco.pk along with your CNIC copy and Passport size picture with white background to initiate buying/transfer of file

When to clear Balance Payment? 2017-06-03T11:55:19+00:00

After completion of Intimation Letter, buyer must have to clear Balance payment. After clearance of Balance, procedure for Allocation will start.

How to confirm authenticity of file? 2017-06-03T11:54:43+00:00

An Intimation code is written on top. To confirm your file, dial DHA UAN 111-111-189 and ask them to confirm your file by providing them your Intimation Code.

How long it takes to own a file? 2017-06-03T11:54:07+00:00

Almost 7-9 working days.

What are the prerequisite to purchase a file? 2017-06-03T11:53:35+00:00

CNIC & Passport Size pictures with white background.

What preferred services Ali & Co is offering? 2017-06-03T11:52:50+00:00

Ali& Co provides complete possession in DHA Multan in form of files. Plus, ALI & CO also deals in buying and selling of land within legal boundaries of DHA Multan Project.

What is the next step after Allocation Letter? 2017-06-03T11:52:06+00:00

Allocation Letter is final document for now. When Balloting is done, you have to submit this Allocation Letter in DHA Multan Office and then they will provide you an Allotment Letter having details of your plot like plot no. and etc.

When Balloting is expected? 2017-06-03T11:51:30+00:00

In the first quarter of 2016 i.e. in late days of March or in starting days of April Balloting will be done and Map of Phase # 01 will launch in market.