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How to purchase a file?

1. Please contact our Sales Representative at
2. Discuss the prevailing file price.
3. Once the price of file is negotiated and settled, please remit Rs.200,000/- as a Token in the account as communicated to you by Sales Representative.
4. For initial booking of file you are required to send following documents:

a) Copy of NIC.
b) 6 passport size photographs with white background.
c) Name and address of the Allotee in English with correct spellings.
Note: In case of wrong spellings of name communicated, the change in name is not permissible as per procedure of DHA Multan.

5. 5 to 7 working days are required for initial processing of file and issuance of Intimation Letter in the name of buyer.
6. The photocopy of Intimation Letter will be mailed/sent to you for your records and checkingit’s authenticity from DHA Multan as per your satisfaction.
7. Once the authenticity of Intimation Letter is confirmed by the buyer, the remaining balance amount of the file shall be remitted along with an amount of Rs.10,000 /- for Intimation Letter and Rs.69,160/- for Allocation Letter.
8. Till the issuance of Intimation Letter, the buyer has the option to either confirm the authenticity of file at telephonically or by physically visiting DHA Multan Office.
9. Issuance of Allocation Letter takes 5-7 working days and the buyer has to physically present at DHA Multan to receive Allocation Letter.

Value-added Services

We offer following additional services to our valued clients for Plot Buying Procedure:

  • We do not charge any extra amount for processing and documentation of files.
  • We offer after sale services like transfer of file in someone else’s name or any information in this regard.
  • For out station clients we offer Pick & Drop and free overnight stay with prior confirmation from the client.
  • We also provide service for resale of files or any updates on DHA Multan.