Things To Do While Purchasing A Plot – Buying A Plot In DHA

Things To Do While Purchasing A Plot

When you want to buy a plot in DHA Multan or at any other place, you will have to follow some particular steps. First of all, you will have to select a real estate agent for your dealing. In this regard, you will have to keep an eye on the specification of the agent.

Your selected agent should be professional and have all the knowledge about the dealings you want to set. He should deal with such an attitude that it will prove successful and profitable for you. In short, you should have to select such a person who is perfect for your task.

After the selection of an agent, you will have to make sure that either you want to buy selected land or want to look for another. Then you will have to tell your agent to select a meeting with the seller. Ali and Co, are one of the best agencies of Multan that makes your dealing successful.

Their agent dealings are fair and profitable for both parties. You should have to contact with this agency and make your future dealings successful. These are some very important things you have to do while purchasing a file.

After the selection of these above two things, the further process will be going in the right way. There are two different conditions you will have to follow. The first one is when you are dealing with investors of the DHA directly.

You will have to make the dealings fair and honest through your estate agent. You will have to set the deal through him and arrange a meeting with the seller for further dealings. After the adjustment of plot price, you will have to pay some amount as a token to the seller and demand for further processing.

The further procedure includes the issuance of ownership documents and all other documents related to land. All the procedure is going in the office of DHA Multan in front of your estate agent.

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In the second place, when you want to buy a plot from a person manually. This dealing will be done with the person in the office of DHA Multan. In this case, the buyer and seller both parties will have to pay a transfer fee to the office.

This will issue ownership transfer documents for the buyer. All these documents may take 10 to 15 working days for issuance. Some of these documents will be issued in a short time that will make sure that your dealings are going in the right way. While some others take more time for issuance due to certain reasons.

By contacting Ali and Co, you can make your dealings successful and comfortable. Our agents will not leave you alone in any situation throughout the dealings. Your experience of working with our company will be useful for you and you will prefer us in the future too.

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